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Lucie Bryon is a comics artist and illustrator. She studied graphic design in Orléans, France and comics at the ESA St Luc Brussels, Belgium. Lucie now lives in France and works for children’s publishing, video game companies and various publications as an illustrator and cartoonist. Her work was published by ShortBox, Milan editions, Kaboom Studios, Cicada Magazine, Manon Magazine, and F..
PLAY! Hong Kong Comix Touring Exhibition: Talk 1 “Casterman: The Global Vis..
It’s one thing to publish books, but comics publication is a whole different matter. Let’s take reference from Casterman, a leading comics publisher in Europe, and gain some insight into their success story in publishing over 100 comics every year. Founded in 1780, Casterman entered comics publishing by debuting the world renowned The Adventures of Tintin in 1929. Over the years, Casterma..
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Joonas Rinta-Kantois a comics artist and an illustrator living in Helsinki, Finland. His main work is a comic strip called Fok_It, which is published five times a week online by Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland. Fok_It started in 2009 as a comic blog and has since then gained popularity with Finnish readers, and the strips have been collected and published in seven albums so..
PLAY! Hong Kong Comix Touring Exhibition: Talk 4
Internet as a distribution medium has brought about pivotal changes to comics publication. But exactly what kinds of changes have been brought by the Internet? What are the elements that brought about such transitions, affecting the trends of comics publication? In this sharing session, Director and Senior Research Fellow of Kadokawa ASCII Research Laboratories Inc., Satoshi Endo, will share..
PLAY! Hong Kong Comix Touring Exhibition: Talk 2 “Artists Sharing – Inspir..
It has been exciting to stand alongside international comics artists and publishers to greet fellow readers. Much has been observed, exchanges made. What have we gained from joining these fairs and where should Hong Kong independent comics go? Join participating comics artists and professionals to Brussels Comic Strip Festival (Belgium), Helsinki Comics Festival (Finland) and 3331 Arts Chiy..
PLAY! Hong Kong Comix Touring Exhibition: Talk 3 “Zero to One: The story of..
The start of a project is never easy, especially when there is no precedent to follow. Born in Switzerland, David Schilter moved to Latvia in 2006, where he could not find a single comics shop or comics publishing house. All he could find was a few translated copies of The Adventures of Tintin. He then decided to change the comics scene in Latvia, establishing independent comics art anthology,..
Comix Cart @Comix Home Base – Playing & Storytelling with Children Series 4
For the fourth Comix Cart display, we welcome Max, a scientist living in the forest who loves to solve problems for his animal friends. Cooperating with local creative group, All Things Bright and Beautiful, the cart will present their calendar Max 's Amazing Ideas: Whether it's using potatoes to create power; cross breeding peanut and strawberry plants for the creamy, juicy peab..
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